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Certificate of Accreditation

The Directorate of Research came into existence at Rail Head Complex with establishment of SKUAST-Jammu on 20th September, 1999. The organizational set-up of the Directorate distinctly looks after technical, financial and administrative management of a number of on-campus and off-campus research projects. Director Research is the head of the set-up. He is assisted by the affiliated staff comprising Associate Director Research (1) and Dy. Director Research (3). Directorate of Research as a unit has the mandate to capitulate the research programme for the University through identification of researchable issues of regional and national importance. It facilitates the development of various research proposals, their execution, implementation and accordingly ensuring the benefits of research initiatives to the common man through regular participatory monitoring and evaluation. Research programmes carried out at the campus level and research stations are assessed by apex body of the Directorate like Research Council Meeting and Research Evaluation Committee. Research linkage is also maintained with line departments of the state viz. Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Sheep Husbandry etc. through Zonal Research and Extension Advisory Council (ZREAC) and Research Council Meetings (RCM) of the University.


  • To plan, execute and manage research programmes of the University comprising of basic, strategic and applied research activities.
  • To coordinate the implementation of various research projects leading to technological generation.
  • The Directorate of Research has three important sub units to implements its mandate.

Project Monitoring & Evaluation Cell (PME CELL):

  • Monitoring of various ongoing research programmes in SKUAST-Jammu
  • The Cell will be monitoring the physical and financial progress of various on-going research projects in the University.
  • The cell will be regularly compiling the status report of research projects.
  • PME cell will coordinate the correspondence between funding agencies and Principal Investigators.
  • It acts as a link between the funding agencies and faculty members and scientists thus acting as facilitating points.
  • Maintenance of data base of all publications, technologies developed, IPRs, Consultancies, Projects undertaken in the past 10 years and on-going projects.. It also compiles the status report of the research projects.
  • It is headed by Nodal Officer (Dr.Shahid Ahamad, Dy. Director Research), one Asstt. Professor one ACT and one Accountants Assistant.
  • Director Research will regularly monitor the functioning of PME Cell.

Seed and Planting Material Cell (SPMC):

  • Formulate and implement the seed production plan of the University.
  • Maintain the seed and planting material production statistics.
  • TMonitor the seed production programmes including the functioning of Mega Seed Project.
  • Regulate the sale of R&D products through University Sale Counter.
  • Submit the Annual Progress Report.
  • It is headed by Nodal Officer (Dr.P.Wali, Associate Director Research), one Asstt. Professor and one ACT.

Intellectual Property Right (IPR CELL):

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) protection and licensing have now been recognized efficient tools for enhancing the quality of research leading to overall development of agricultural sector and higher return on research investment. The introduction of IPR regime at SKUAST-J would accelerate in creation of competition among scientists to generate competitive agricultural technologies, awareness for protection of plant varieties and faster transfer of technologies. Implementation of IPR regime require IPR policy, regulation and guideline framework for the Jammu region. In this backdrop, IPR cell under Directorate of Research was constituted in March, 2016 involving core scientists from Agriculture and Veterinary faculties of University with following mandate.

  1. Framing of IPR policy, regulation and guidelines for the state.
  2. To conduct awareness cum sensitization workshop among farmers and officials of KVKs and line departments for the protection of landraces, farmers plant varieties, (extant and new) and the rights of farmers and plant breeders under “The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights (PPV&FR) Act, 2001.
  3. Registration of released and notified varieties / hybrids with plant authority.
  4. It is headed by Nodal Officer and one Asstt. Professor and one ACT.