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The nominated members of the Anti sexual harassment committee are:

S.No Name of the Officer Designation
1. Dr. Moni Gupta, Professor, Division of Biochemistry, F.B.Sc Presiding Officer
2. Dr. R. K. Pandey, Professor & Head, Division of Floriculture & Landscaping Member
3 Dr. Dipanjali Kanwar, Professor, Division of LPM Member
4 Smt. Suman Rani, Asstt. Registrar, Registrar's Office Member
5 Dr. Parshotam Sharma, T.O. Division of Farm Machinery & Power Member
6 Ms. Seerat Gupta, Ph.D Student (PHT) Student Member
7 Ms. Tamanna Sharma, Ph.D, Student (Soil Science), Chatha Student Member
8 Ms. Anna Singh, M.V.Sc student,(V&AHE), R. S. pura Student Member
9 Mr. Satwik Sharma, B.Tech, Student (Biotechnology) Student Member
10 Ms. Nidhi Sharma, Mukti Society, Talab Tillo, Jammu Member(representing as NGO)
Dr. Moni Gupta
Professor, Division of Biochemistry and Presiding Officer
Contact no.: +91-9469160994
Email: poantihrsc@skuastj.org