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Roles & Responsibilities of Comptroller

  • The Comptroller shall be responsible for preparation of the budget and the statement of accounts of the University. He shall manage the funds and investments of the University. He shall be responsible for ensuring that expenditure is made as authorized.
  • The Comptroller shall arrange periodical internal inspections of the accounts maintained in the various units of the University.
  • The Comptroller shall be responsible for the maintenance of the accounts of the University in the form and manner as approved by Board and keep constant watch on the state of cash and bank balance and on the state of investment.
  • The Comptroller shall see that the register of buildings, furniture/equipments and other items are maintained up to date and that the stock checking is conducted of all items in all offices and units of the University.

  • Sh. Madan Lal

    Comptroller Office Main Campus,SKUAST-Jammu Chatha
    Contact no. : 0191-2262011
    Email :- comptroller.skuastj@gmail.com