Orders & Circulars

Orders & Circulars
Notification from the Office of Secretary, J&K Sports Council M.A Stadium Jammu.
Organization of Village Visit & Re-visit programme.
Circular regarding organizing Foundation Day-cum-Deepawali Mela on 01.11.2021
Notice regarding Contest for proposing the name the the Herbal Garden.
Revised time table of B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture for the year 2021-22
Extension of contract agreement for the work of providing of highly skilled/Administrative Ministerial Accounts workforce and Unskilled labour contratual manpower
Memorandum regarding teaching of UG/PG Degree programmes in the 1st Semester of Academic yew 2021-22 commencing from 06-09-2021.
Tentative time table of B.Sc.(Agriculture) during academic year 2021-22.
Fee Challans in respect of UG/PG/PhD Hostels/Non hostels.
Circular regarding celebration of Teacher's Day
Memorandum regarding the End-Term Examination and PhD of M.Sc students for the 2nd semester of academic year 2020-21
Memorandum regarding End Term examinations for all UG and PG degree programmes
Circular regarding Enhancement of Government/University contribution from 10% to 14% in respect of all NPS employees of SKUAST-Jammu.
Memorandum vide no. :AUJ/Est./21-22/G-608/1899-1962 dated:05-07-2021
Memorandum vide no. :AUJ/Est./21-22/Assoc.Prof.100/1874-88 dated:05-07-2021
Circular regarding functioning of SKUAST-Jammu
Memorandum vide no. :AUJ/Est./20-21/AP-417/1502-1519 dated:14-06-2021
Memorandum vide no. :AUJ/Est./21-22/G-520/1434-47 dated:11-06-2021
Memorandum vide no.: AUJ/Est./20-21/G-520/1458-1501 dated:14-06-2021
University Order No: 38 (Est.) of 2O2l dated:08-06-2021 regarding CAS of FCLA's
Memorandum no. AUj/Est/20-21/AP-207/1371-84 dated: 08-06-2021
University Order No: 33 (Secy.) of 2O2l regarding CAS of Teachers/Scientists
University Order No: 32 (Secy.) of 2O2l regarding CAS of Teachers/Scientists
Memorandum regarding Functioning of SKUAST-Jammu during COVID pandemic
Notice regarding registration of one year Diploma in Agriculture/Horticulture Download Challan

Time Table for BAT/BHT

Circular regarding CAS of all Faculty members
Circular regarding Academic Management System
Memorandum regarding comprehensive examination
Memorandum regarding functioning of SKUAST-Jammu during COVID Pandemic dated: 27-04-2021
Memorandum regarding COVID-19
Circular regarding COVID-19 vaccination session
Regulations on Resident Instructions-2020
Tentative date for rural youth/farmers for training programme on Scientific Bee Keeping
University order no. 25 (secy.) of 2021 dated:23-03-2021
Memorandum regarding extension of last date for submission of thesis for M.Sc./M.V.Sc.
Memorandum regarding extension of last date of eligibility for Ph.D admission during the academic session 2021-22
Circular regarding list of concerned course instructors of UG students of B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture for 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semesters
Notification no. 34(Acad.) of 2021 dated: 02-03-2021
Circular regarding National Science day on 28-02-2021 vide No. AUJ/DSW/20-21/F-48/2487-2527 dated:26.02.21.
Prevention of Caste Based discrimination in Higher Education - regarding
Employees Welfare Fund of the employees of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technoloov of Jammu (SKUAST-J).
University order no. 14(Secy.) of 2021 dated:15-02-2021
Memorandum vide no. AUJ/Est./G-145/20-21/10507-10571 dated: 15-02-2021
Memorandum vide no. AUJ/Est./G-145/20-21/10442-10506 dated: 15-02-2021
Corrigendum to Circular regarding registration on the AMS(Academic management System)portal.
Circular regarding registration on the AMS(Academic management System)portal.
Memorandum regarding constitution of Anti ragging Committee
Memorandum regarding constitution of Research Evaluation Committee (REC) of SKUAST-Jammu
University order no. 05-11(Est.) of 2021 dated:03-02-2021
Circular regarding reopening of academic activities
Circular no. AUJ/DSW/20-21/F-03/2110-2116 dated: 02-02-2021
University order no. 02 (Est.) dated:01-02-2021
Memorandum regarding conduct of supplementary examination in offline mode for UG programme
Circular regarding schedule of officers monthly workshops for the year 2021 and teams of the resource persons for various districts.
Memorandum regarding Head, Division of Vegetable Science & Floriculture, FoA, Chatha
Notice regarding celebration of Republic Day (26th January, 2021)
Circular regarding CAS vide no. AUJ/Est./G-592/8950-9034 dated:15-01-2021
Memorandum regarding Incharge farmers Hostel vide no.AUJ/Est./G-592/8847-95 dated:14.01.2021
Circular vide no. AUJ/Est./G-31/20-21/8766-8846 dated:14-01-2021
National Awards for excellance ln Agriculture '2O2O '- regarding
Circular Regarding Technical Support Team of SKUAST-Jammu
Itinerary for Village Visit and Re-visit Programme w.e.f. 01-01-2021 to 31-12- 2021
Memorandum regarding Face recognition Biometric Attendence vide no.: AUJ/Est./G-600/20-21/8518-77 dated:06-01-2021
Circular regarding New Year Celebration 2021 on January 01, 2021
Circular regarding the prevention of caste based discrimination in Hisher Education institutions
Lecture/Presentation on "Agriculture Education day-2020
Circular regarding uploading details of assets/equipments/furnitures fixtures on the inventory portal
Circular regarding Lecture/Presentation on Good teaching learning and ethical research
Memorandum regarding use of traditional media such as Print, Radio and Television
Circular regarding Exit conference of audit for the financial year 2016-17,2017-18 and 2018-19 (Rescheduled)
Time Table of B.Sc. (Hons.)Agriculture Programme during the Acad. Year 2020-21
Memorandum regarding registration of UG/PG and PhD. for the academic session 2020-21
Memorandum regarding Norms/guidelines for conduct of different categories of training at SKUAST-Jammu.
Lecture/Presentation on "World Food day 2020" by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, SKUAST-Jammu
Circular videAUJ/Acad./20-21/2480-2530 dated:14-10-2020 regarding virtual link
University order no. 37(Est.) of 2020 dated:09-10-2020
University order no. 36(Est.) of 2020 dated:09-10-2020
University order no. 35(Est.) of 2020 dated:09-10-2020
University order no. 34(Est.) of 2020 dated:09-10-2020
University order no. 33(Est.) of 2020 dated:09-10-2020
Notification no. 12(Est.) of 2020 dated: 09-10-2020
University order no. 35(Est.) of 2020 dated:09-10-2020
Memorandum regarding revised bus fare vide memo no.AUJ/Est./G-01/20-21/5279-5358 dated:09-10-2020
Circular regarding Lecture/ presentation on "Good Teaching Learning and Ethical Research Practices by Dr. Rajinder Peshin
Memorandum regarding Nodal officer for admission through ICAR vide no. AUJ/Acad./F-01/20-21/2204-19 dated:08-10-2020
Memorandum regarding constitution of the Vehicle repair/Farm Machinery Committee of SKUAST-Jammu vide no. AUJ/Est./G-162/4841-4932 dated:30-09-2020
Memorandum regarding postponement for registration date of 1st academic session 2020-21 vide memo no. AUJ/Acad./20-21/F-24/2078-86 dated: 30-09-2020
Memorandum regarding permission to complete research work in SKUAST-J vide memo no.AUJ/Acad./F-59/20-21/1957-64 dated:25-09-2020
Memorandum regarding constitution of CPC committee vide memo no.AUJ/Est./G-162/20-21/4531-4610 dated:21-09-2020
Itinerary for village visit and stay programme w.e.f. 18-09-2020 to 31-12- 2020
Itinerary for village visit and stay programme w.e.f. 18-09-2020 to 31-12- 2020
Circular regarding Academic Management system.
Notice regarding organizing Teachers Day on 08.09.2020.
Memorandum regarding Nodal officer of the University as a single point of contact for various communications with Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi.
University order no. 30(Est.) of 2020 dated: 27-08-2020
Memorandum vide no. AUJ/Est./G-266/20-21/4004-4073 dated: 27-08-2020.
Circular vide no. AUJ/Est./G-188/2020-21/3934-4003 dated: 27-08-2020.
Memorandum No. AUJ/Secy./20-21/579-619 dated: 31.08.2020 dated: 31.O7.2O2O regarding the last date for applying under PBAS based Career Advancement Scheme for Teachers/Scientists.
Addendun to Memorandum No. AUJ/Est/G-207/20-21/3223-94 dated: 31.O7.2O2O
Notice regarding Independence day (15th August,2020)
Memorandum regarding constitution of committee for conduct of celebration of Independence day (15th August,2020.
Memorandum regarding 'Working Group for Jammu Province'
Memorandum regarding constitution of committee to restart the publication of SKUAST-Jammu
Circular reagarding visit of Hon'ble Lt. Governor, UT of Jammu & Kashmir
Circuar vide no. AUJ/Est./G-681/2020-21/2769-2850 dated: 23-07-2020
Circuar vide no. AUJ/Est./G-681/2020-21/2859-2940 dated: 23-07-2020
Memorandum regarding constitution of committee to survey and assess the value of un-serviceable dead stock items vide no. AUJ/Est./G-266/2020-21/2613-72 dated: 15-07-2020
Order no. AUJ/Est./G-681/20-21/2520-2605 dated: 15-07-2020
Circular regarding CAS of Teaching/Scientists
Circular regarding CAS of Non-teaching
Minutes of 19th Academic Council meeting issued vide no. AUJ/Acad./18-19/F-08/7943-8002 dated:26-03-2019
Memorandum regarding constitution of University Media Cell
Tentative Seniority list of Professor & Equivalent - regarding.
Circular regarding TTCAS (First Upward Movement/ Second Upward Movement)
Minutes of the meeting of COVID-19 team on 08-06-2020
Memorandum regarding constitution of Library Advisory Committee
Guidelines on the usage of soclal media by Government employeesreg
Opening of offices in SKUAST-Jammu vide no. AUJ/Est./20-21/G-681/889-952 dated:09-06-2020.
Self Declaration Form for providing the information to safeguard their own health
Opening of Offices in SKUAST-Jammu vide no. AUJ/Est./20-21/G-681/468-548 dated:31-05-2020.
Self Reporting form in context with Covid-19 for All/staff/students
AGENDA 20th Academic Council Meeting Annexure
Memorandum no. AUj/Est./PF/20-21/92-172 dated: 19-05-2020
Opening of Offices in the Union Territory of Jammu & kashmir- attendence regarding.
Memorandum no. AUj/Est./PF/20-21/253-277 dated: 19-05-2020
Memorandum no. AUj/Est./G-34/20-21/173-252 dated: 19-05-2020
Memorandum regarding COVID-19 Management-Effective use of 'Aarogya Setu App' for breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19
Opening of Offices of Universities and colleges in the Union territory Jammu & Kashmir vide no. AUJ/Est./19-20/G-681/9585-9671 dated: 06-05-2020
Memorandum no.AUJ/Est./19-20/9548-9563 dated:28-04-2020
Order regarding release of wages in favour of contractual/casual/outsourced manpower/seasonal laborer.
Memorandum regarding constitution of committee for recommending the modalities for assessment of students, conduct of tests,examinations,award of marks/grades and passing criteria for UG/PG in Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry vide no.AUJ/Est./19-20/G-681/9505-9539 dated: 17-04-2020
Memorandum regarding Retirement of University Officials
Preventive measures taken in University on account of threat of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) vide no. AUJ/Est./19-20/G-681/9253-9334 dated: 15-04-2020
Letter from DG, ICAR regarding installation of Arogya Setu app and other measures during COVID-19 crisis Link for IOS

Link for Android
Maintenance of Essential services and time bound scientific jobs-issuence of Curfew Passes
Memorandum no. AUJ/Est./19-20/G-681/9153-68 and Memorandum no. AUJ/Est./19-20/G-681/9169-84 dated: 31-03-2020 with regard to the charge of Schemes/Divisions of the University
Circular regarding Academic activity to continue online in SKUAST of Jammu
Circular vide no. AUJ/Est./19-20/G-681/8892-8977 dated:20-03-2020 regarding attending offices on alterante weeks
Precautionary closure of University on account of threat ot Novel Corona Virus {COVID-19)
Preventive measures to be adopted to contain COVID-19 (Corona virus disease) in institution campuses / premises- Reg.
Office order regarding directions to ensure proper sanitization of various units of SKUAST-J
Circular vide no. AUJ/Est./19-20/8641-8719 dated: 18-03-2020
Circular regarding CAS under two tier vide no. AUJ/Est./G-390/19-20/8455-8520 dated: 13-03-2020
Circular regarding advisory for Universities/Colleges
Circular regarding advisory for Universities/Colleges-Novel Corona Virus(COVID-19)
Circular regarding suspension of classes of UG/PG till further instructions
SKUAST-Jammu Five years Success Story
University order no. 09(Est) of 2020 dated: 26-02-2020
Memorandum regarding physical verification of stores for the financial year 2018-19 & 2019-20
Memorandum vide no. AUJ/Est/19-20/7002-93 dated: 05-02-2020
Memorandum regarding Director Education vide no. AUJ/Est/19-20/6926-6995 dated: 04-02-2020
Process Flow for Student Registration Sher-e-Kashmir University Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Jammu vide no. AUj/Acad/F-47/19-20/6235-40 dated: 28-01-2020 NDML NAD Student Registration

NAD - Aadhaar Based Registration

Mannual for procurement of consultancy and other services

Mannual for procurement of goods

Mannual for procurement of works


Procurement of non consultancy services (Presentation)

Procurement of works and case study
Selection of consultants (Presentation)

GFR and procurement(Presentation)

GFR and procurement(Presentation 2)

Procurement of Goods(Presentation)

Memorandum regarding Director Research vide no. AUJ/Est/19-20/PF/6236-6305 dated: 09-01-2020
Memorandum regarding Dean, FVSc & AH vide no. AUJ/Est/19-20/PF/6166-6235 dated: 09-01-2020
Circular regarding schedule of Officers monthly workshops for the year 2020.
Circular regarding attendence of labourers vide no. AUJ/Est./G-600/19-20/6046-6122 dated: 03-01-2020
University order No.62(Est.) of 2019 dated:06-12-2019 regarding Deduction of GP Fund
Circular vide no. AUJ/Est./G-188/2019-20/5332-5412 dated:29-11-2019
Circular regarding CAS of Faculty members (Teachers/Scientists).
University order no. 59(Est.) of 2019 dated:04-11-2019 regarding CAS of non-teaching employees
University order no. 58(Est.) of 2019 dated:04-11-2019 regarding CAS of non-teaching employees
University order no. 57(Est.) of 2019 dated:04-11-2019 regarding CAS of non-teaching employees
University order no. 55(Est.) of 2019 dated:30-10-2019 regarding CAS of non-teaching employees
University order no. 51,52,53,54(Est.) of 2019 dated:30-10-2019 regarding CAS of non-teaching employees
University order no. 50(Est.) of 2019 dated:25-10-2019
Notification no.12(Est.) of 2019 dated:30-09-2019 regarding superannuation retirement during the financial year 2020-21
Circular regarding extension of date for Best Teacher Award
Circular regarding celebration of SKUAST-J University Foundation Day 2019
Applications regarding SKUAST-J Best Teacher Award
Circular regarding procurement of goods and services through government e-market place (GeM)
Circular regarding CAS two tier vide n. AUJ/Est./G-390/19-20/3567-3626 dated 06-09-2-19
University order no. 43(Est.) of 2019 dated:30-08-2019 regarding transfers/attachments of teaching/scientific staff
University order no. 37,38,39,40 and 41(Est.) of 2019 dated:14-08-2019
University order no. 32(Secy.),33(Secy.),34(Secy.),35(Secy.)and 36(Secy.)of 2019 Dated: 09.08.2019 regarding promotion/placement of assistant professors/Junior Scientist/SMS.
Notice regarding celebration of IndependenceDay on 15th August, 2019
Memorandum regarding constitution of Disaster Management Cell
Circular regarding Committee constituted for verification of furniture items No: AUJ/Est./19-20/G-162/2696-2759 dated: 02-08-2019
Circular regarding probation clearance vide no. AUJ/Est./ G-559/2019-20 dated: 31-07-2019
Circular regarding Award of contract for outsourcing of Skilled, Unskilled and Semiskilled labour
Tentative combined seniority List of Professors and their equivalent in SKUAST-Jammu
Memorandum Guidelines for Efficient and speedy disposal of files in the Administratlve and other offices of the University.
Circular regarding Two tier CAS vide no. AUJ/Est./G-390/2279-2338 dated:29-07-2019
Circular regarding 5th J&K Agriculture Science Congress to be held on August 8-1O August, 2O19 at Main Campus, Chatha
University order no. 30(Est.) of 2019 dated: 24-07-2019 regarding procurement of goods and services through e-market place
Memorandum regarding Constitution of Purchase committee
Evaluation Performa for Ranking of Agricultural Universities for the Year 2018
Memorandum regarding e-studio vide no. AUJ/Est./G-414/2019-20/1253-69 dated: 29-05-2019

Ammendments of Erstwhile SKUAST-J STATUTES

Ammendments in SKUAST-J STATUTES
Circular regarding tentative seniority list of Professors/Chief Scientist, Associate Professors/Sr. Scientists/Asstt. Professors/Jr. Scientists/Subject Matter Specialists and their equivalents vide no. AUJ/Est./G-438 l19-20/1096-1108 dated: 21-05-2019
Memorandum vide no. AUJ/Est./G-426/19-20/973-993 dated: 15-05-2019
Circular regarding the rates for providing Agrometeorological dataData Request Form
Memorandum regarding constitution of Centeral Purchase Committee
Memorandum regarding Library Advisory committee
Memorandum regarding constitution of Standing Works committee
Memorandum regarding constitution of Vehicle Repair/Farm Machinery committee
Circular regarding World Veterinary day-2019
Memorandum regarding Farmers' Friendly portal
Application for the position of Vice Chancellor, SKUAST, Jammu
Memorandum regarding Constitution of review Committee for verification of unserviceable items for auction.
University order no. 16(secy.) of 2019 dated: 13-02-2019 regarding appointment of Electrician
Circular regarding CAS vide no.AUJ/Est/G-390/2018-19/7603-75 dated 13-02-2019
Circular regarding guidelines for maintaining filing system
Circular regarding schedule of officers monthly workshops for the year 2019.
University order no. 10 (Est.) of 2019 dated: 04-02-2019 regarding "DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF DEAN STUDENTS WELFARE"
University order no. 09 (Est.) of 2019 dated: 01-02-2019 regarding transfers
University order no. 07 (Est.) of 2019 dated: 30-01-2019
University order no. 05 (Est.) of 2019 dated: 18-01-2019
University order no. 03 & 04 (Est.) of 2019 dated: 15-01-2019
Notification no.01 (Est.) of 2019 dated: 07-01-2019
Memorandum vide no. AUJ/Est./G-403/2018-19 dated: 31-12-2018
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