Governance/Officers of the University
Name Designation Phone No. E-mail Address
Prof. J. P. Sharma Hon'ble Vice Chancellor 0191-2263714,0191-2262073(fax)
Dr. J.P. Sharma Director Research Office: 0191-2262012
Dr. S.K. Gupta Director Extension Office: 0191-2262028, 0191-2262029 (fax)
Mob: +91-9419226624/9419124146
Dr. S.K. Gupta Director Education Office: 0191-2262154
Mob: +91-9469152445
Sh. Rajesh Talwar Director Planning & Monitoring Office: 0191-2262161
Mob: +91-9419141294
Dr. J. P. Sharma Registrar Office: 0191-2262012
Sh. Rajesh Talwar Comptroller Office: 0191-2262011
Mob: +91-9419141294
Er. Rajendra Pal Gupta Estates Officer 0191-263685
Dr. S.K. Gupta Librarian Chatha Office: 0191-2262037
Mob: +91-9419226624/9419124146
Dr. D. P. Abrol Dean, FOA ,Chatha Office: 0191-2262845,0191-2262119 (fax)
Mob: +91-9419185305
Dr. M.S Bhadwal Dean, F.V.Sc.R.S.Pura Office: 01923-250639
Mob: +91-9419136239
Dr. S. E. H Rizvi Dean, Faculty of Basic Sciences Office: 0191-2957959
Mob: +91-9419138953,
Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta Examination Cell Office: 0191-2263725
Mob: +91-9419109684
Dr. R.K. Salgotra Coordinator, School of Biotechnology Office: 0191-2263713
Mob: +91-9419153813
Dr. Manish Kr. Sharma NKN Lab & Data Centre +91-9419198062 / 7006132698
Dr. Sanjay Guleria Placement Cell Office: 0191-2263723
Mob: +91-9469211245
Faculty of Agriculture
Division Head of Division Contact no. E-mail
Agronomy Dr. B. C. Sharma +91 9419152428
Agricultural Engineering Dr. Sushil Sharma +91-9419230487
Agricultural Economics and ABM Dr. Jyoti Kachroo +91-9419241713
Agro-Forestry Dr. Lalit Mohan Gupta +91-9419795095
Agricultural Extension Education Dr. Rakesh Nanda +91-9419703645
Plant Breeding and Genetics Dr. Surinder Kumar Gupta +91-9469152445
Soil Science and Agril Chemistry Dr. Vikas Sharma +91-7298729990
Vegetable Science and Floriculture Dr. R. K. Samnotra +91 94191 15931
Sericulture Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta +91-9419850094
Entomology Dr. Hafeez Ahmad +91-9419856094
Food Science and Technology Dr Anju Bhat +91-7889311313
Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry
Division Head of Division Contact no. E-mail
Division of Veterinary Anatomy Dr. Shalini Suri (Professor) +91 9419173794
Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry Dr. Jonali Devi +91-9419112466
Division of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology Prof. Ajay Kumar Gupta +91-9419146635;
Division of Veterinary Parasitology Dr. Rajesh katoch +91-9419236788
Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology Dr. V.S. Wazir +91-9419189356
Division of Veterinary Pathology Dr. Nawab Nashiruddullah +91-9596739988
Animal Nutrition Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sharma +91-9419160249
Animal Genetics and Breeding Dr. R. K. Taggar +91-9419223134
Livestock Production and Management Dr Asma Khan +91-9419112132
Livestock Products Technology Dr. Sunil Kumar +91-9419173465
Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics Dr. Utsav Sharma +91-9149546824
Vety.Surgery & Radiology Dr.H.R.Bhardwaj +91-9419313766
Veterinary Medicine Dr. Rajiv Singh +91-9419144184
Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology Dr. M.A.Malik +91-9419158269
Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education Dr. Kamal Sarma +91-9419112492
Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex Dr. J.S Soodan +91-9419233374
Faculty of Basic Sciences
Division Head of Division Contact no.
Statistics & Computer Science Dr. Manish Kumar Sharma +91 9419198062
Biochemistry Dr. Sanjay Guleria +91-9469211245
Microbiology Dr. S.E.H. Rizvi +91-9419138953
Plant Physiology Dr. Gurdev Chand
I/C Head