Division of Microbiology

  • Teaching: To impart quality teaching in Microbiology across the faculty
  • Research: To carry out basic and strategic research with focus on microbial  biodiversity, biofertilizers, biopesticides and other fields related to agriculture, industry and environment
  • Extension: To disseminate knowledge about practical applications of microbiology through  trainings and demonstrations
  • Field testing for validated technologies/modules
Name of the project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration
Evaluation of resident microflora for bio fertilizer potential Dr Brajeshwar Singh
Studies on plant growth promoting activity of bacteria isolated from cucumber rhizosphere Dr Upma Dutta
Dr. S.E.H. Rizvi
Designation : Dean & Head
Area of Specialization : Sampling Theory ( Optimum Stratification), Applied Statistics, Statistical Modelling
E mail : sehrizvi_stats@yahoo.co.in
Contact No : 094191-38953
Dr. Brajeshwar Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)
Area of Specialization : Microbial biodiversity Molecular Plant Pathology, Endophytes, Microbial Diagnostics, PGPR
E mail : brajeshbhau@yahoo.co.in
Contact No : 09419210036

Dr. Upma Dutta
Designation : Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)
Area of Specialization : Mycology and Plant Pathology, PGPR
E mail : paarthupma@gmail.com
Contact No : 08803284866

S.No. Name of Student Registration No. Advisor Title of thesis
1. Ms. AnshelaKoul J-14-MBS-09 Dr A.K. Bhat Isolation and identification of antibiotic producing microorganisms from different ecological niches in Jammu region
2. Ms.Ekta Rani J-14-MBS-10 Dr A.K. Bhat Utilization of agro-industrial waste for the production of important enzyme by fungal isolates
3. Ms.Deepika Khajuria J-14-MBS-11 Dr.Upma Dutta Bioprospecting of endophytic microorganisms from ‘ Allium sativum’ from Jammu
4. SakshiBhagat J-14-MBS-10 Dr.Upma Dutta Screening of phytochemicals and antimicrobial activity of important botanicals against plant pathogens
5. Ms. Sneahpreet Kour J/15/MBS/12 Dr Brajeshwar Singh Isolation, Screening and Characterization of Thermophilic bacteria from Geothermal Springs of Jammu Division for Industrial Enzymes
6. Ms Shivangi Singh J-13-MBS-01 Dr Upma Dutta Studies on plant growth promoting activities of Pseudomonas species in Solanummelongena (L.) (Brinjal)
7. Ms Hemshiveta Pandita J-13-MBS-02 Dr Brajeshwar Singh Studies on isolation, characterization and antimicrobial activities of endophytic microflora of Digitalis purpurea.
8. Ms Diksha Raina J-13-MBS-03 Dr Brajeshwar Singh Studies on antimicrobial activities of endophytes isolated from Picrorhiza kurroa.
9. Ms AkankshaRathore J-13-MBS-04 Dr Brajeshwar Singh Isolation and screening for novel bioactive molecules from endophytic populations associated with Arisaema erubescens
10. Ms Manisha Slathia J-13-MBS-05 Dr A. K. Bhat Bio mediated transformations in industrial belt of Jammu
11. Aijaz Ah. Dar J-13-MBS-06 Dr A. K. Bhat Isolation, Characterization and efficacy of Phosphate solubilizing bacteria