Division of Biochemistry

  • To generate human resources of global competence in the field of Biochemistry through imaprting quality education.
  • To conduct Basic and strategic research in the field of Biochemical and Molecular Biology to upgrade agricultural products and productivity.
  • To develop and transfer of technology in agriculture and allied field
  • Generation of quality human resources equipped with modern scientific skills and knowledge.
  • Provide sustainable growth in agriculture and allied sectors.

  • Flagship Area of Research
  • Biochemical and molecular studies of climate change effects on plant health, nutritional quality and yield attributes.
  • Biochemical prospecting of plant/microbes for antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer activities.
    • Externally Funded Projects 01
    Name of the project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration
    Expression profiling of dof genes for accumulation of seed storage proteins and nitrogen metabolism in common bean (Rajmash) Dr. Moni Gupta DBT, GOI, New Delhi Three Years

    Dr. Sanjay Guleria
    Designation : Professor & Head
    Area of Specialization : - Biochemistry of induced resistance in plants, Isolation and characterization of bioactive molecules from medicinal plants
    Contact No : +91-9469211245
    E mail : guleria71@gmail.com

    Dr. Moni Gupta
    Designation : Associate Professor
    Area of Specialization : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    E mail : moniguptaskuast@gmail .com
    Contact No : +91-9469160994

    Dr. Vikas Sharma
    Designation : Assistant Professor
    Area of Specialization : Natural Products
    E mail : vikas.skuast@gmail.com
    Contact No : +91-9419634588, 9469752697

    S. No. Name of Student Reg. No. Title Year Name of Advisor
    1. Kousar Azaz J-08-M-129 Studies on Effect of Water Stress on Nutritional Quality of Wheat Cultivars 2012 Dr. S.A. Mallick
    2. Priya Kumari J-11-M-237 Biochemical Studies on the Effect of Drought Stress and Alternaria Blight Infection on Mustard Genotypes 2014 Dr. S.A. Mallick
    3. Tabassum Choudhary J-12-M-255 Biochemical Assessment of High Temperature Response in Grain Formation and Nutritional Quality of Wheat “Cultivars ( Triticum aestivum) 2014 Dr. S.A. Mallick
    4. Rashmi Chalotra J-13-M-340 Biochemical Assessment of High Temperature and Mutagen Effects on Pseudomonas species 2015 Dr. S.A. Mallick
    5. Neha Sharma J-13-M-343 Biochemical Studies of Mutagenic Effect on Amylase Activity of Bacillus Isolates 2015 Dr. S.A. Mallick
    6. Monika Rani J-12-M-254 Biochemical Assessment of Photoperiod Effect on Plant Growth, Yield and Nutritional (Quality of Wheat Cultivars) 2015 Dr. S.A. Mallick
    7. Arti Heer J-10-M-209 Studies on Antioxidant and Antifungal Properties of the Essential Oil and Extracts from Cinnamomum Tamala (Buch.-Ham.) T. Nees & C.H. Eberm and Determination of their Phytochemical Constituents by GC-MS and HPLC 2013 Dr. Sanjay Guleria
    8. Suruchi Mahajan J-09-M-186 Biochemical Characterization of Trichoderma spp. Isolated from Soils of Jammu 2013 Dr. Moni Gupta
    9. Deepika Sharma J-11-M-243 Gene Specific Characterization of Fluorescent Pseudomonad Isolated from Jammu Soils 2013 Dr. Moni Gupta
    10. Anshu Wali J-12-M-252 Studies on Antioxidant and DNA Protective Properties of bael (Aegle marmelos L.) 2014 Dr. Moni Gupta
    11. Payal J-13-M-342 Chemoprofile and Antioxidant Properties of Different Pleurotus Species grown in Jammu 2015 Dr. Moni Gupta
    12. Palak Gupta J-13-M-341 Studies on Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes and Phenazine Antibiotic Produced by Pseudomonads 2015 Dr. Moni Gupta
    13. Shabir Hussain J-10-M-191 In Vitro Anticancer Potential of Some Traditional Medicinal Plants 2012 Dr. Vikas Sharma
    14. Navneet Kour J-13-M-339 Exploring In Vitro Anticancer Efficiency of Some Minor Fruits from Jammu Region 2015 Dr. Vikas Sharma
    15. Arvind Badyal J-12-M-252 Evaluation of In Vitro Cytotoxic Effect of some Medicinal Plants on Human Cancer Cells 2015 Dr. Vikas Sharma
    16. Deepika Sharma J-13-D-205-A Expression profiling of scondory metabolite genes of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Fusarium oxysporum interaction 2017 Dr. Moni Gupta